MIAA Registration / Background Check

  • Login to
  • Select Organization 'MIAA State Office'
  • Click on the 'Registration' tab on the top left
  • Check current Football season and then click 'Register'
  • Follow the prompts and pay fee ($10/sport, additional $35 for background check)
  • When registration/background is complete, '20YY-YY+1 Football' will show up under the 'Completed Registrations' section of the page.

PVIAC Ready to be Assigned

  • Login to
  • Select Organization 'PVIAC-FB'
  • Click on the 'Blocks' tab on the top
  • Enter all blocks for the season
  • Click on the 'Main' tab on the top
  • Make sure 'Ready to be Assigned' check box is checked so Commissioner can assign games to you within the Arbiter

Concussion Training