Message from our WMFOA President

Pre -Season Message


I hope the off-season has treated you well. The high school football season is coming quickly. Al Nummy's mid-summer note to get in and close out dates in Arbiter is just another reminder of that.

Some of you may remember we decided to adopt crews this upcoming season. Many local high school associations use crews and your e-board was given approval to see how this might fit for our board. I'd like to thank those of you who helped through the off-season with that. Your input helped tremendously.

The four crews selected will work together for the first eight weeks of the regular season. Their input will help us steer this program going forward as it is our intention to use at least eight crews next year, and then have at least 12 the year after that. Mr. Nummy's biggest concern was that having crews of just three members with one to two fill-ins would complicate assigning, so the committee and myself have expanded the crews to include four members. The 16 men selected will be moved onto other crews next year once we expand.

Referee Umpire Head Linesman Line Judge
Choiniere Kleszczynski Puza M. Torcia
Nassar Long V. Torchia J. Bourque
Paige Florio M. Westbrooks N. Tidlund
Nash S. Tidlund Vaschak Craven


Our board has up to 16 games on any given Friday, so there will still be plenty of games for the rest of us.

Please contact me directly with any concerns or questions.

Looking forward to working you all this season,

Andrew McGurk